March 12th, 2018.

This fairly complete and original 1992 WR500 landed at the Boretech workshop in a bit of a tired and neglected state. Compression was low, and although it started eventually, everything appeared to be rattling and vibing, and it soon became obvious that there was a major leak in the fuel tank, so it was time to shut it down, clean it off and move it to the workshop for a full stripdown.

The engine was totally stripped and, as expected from the rattles, both the top and bottom ends were shot. On the upside though, the transmission, clutch and cases were in pretty good condition.

The cases were shot-blasted and Cerakote coated in a works-style gunmetal grey. Cerakote is a very thin, but hard material that gives an excellent, hard-wearing, heat-resistant finish that is far superior to paint.

The cylinder was shot-blasted in-house then rebored and a new Wiseco piston fitted and the crank rebuilt with a new conrod. The motor was then rebuilt with new bearings and seals throughout and matched to a full Pro Circuit exhaust system.

On the front end, the forks were worn and leaking badly and the steering head bearings were also in a bad way. So, as a performance upgrade, a completely rebuilt 2008 YZ450 front end with Cerakoted clamps was fitted along with new head bearings.

The rear suspension was also in a bad way, so it was stripped and rebuilt with new bearings and seals, a rebuilt shock and again, colour-matched Cerakoting on key components.

The front and rear brakes were then stripped, Cerakoted in a works type bronze finish and rebuilt with new seals.

The customer wanted to replace the wheels for stronger and different colour Talon units and, as the primary intended use was for MX, the 18-inch rear wheel was replaced with a 19-inch version and Dunlop rubber fitted at both ends.

The WR tank wasn't repairable and so a YZ490 tank was matched to totally re-engineered fitting points to match the new rear plastics and the frame was sripped, shot-blasted and finished in white.

To top it off, Doug Henry bend Renthal Twinwall bars were fitted along with a set of Renthal Intelilevers and DareDecals designed some custom decals to give a unique look.

Job done!

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